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Jes Extender Review

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Jes Extender Review

By applying a gentle consistent stretch to the penis, the Jes-Extender takes advantage of the human body's ability to adapt under pressure.

When cells are gently stretched they eventually divide and create new tissue, resulting in a thicker, longer and fuller penis. The device can be worn through out your day, from the comfort of your home, or even when sleep.

The Jes-Extender has been developed with the backing and research of medical professionals and specialists in the field of male sexual enhancement.

The Jes-Extender offers you a range of system editions to meet your penis enlargement goals, needs and budget. You can enlarge your penis every day from just over a dollar a day. There is even a Light Edition - entry price version in cardboard box and 2 sets of elongation bars (2-7 inches).

Jes Extender Forum

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Latest messages from the Jes Extender Forum:

Author: Anonymous from Jes Extender Forum

Hi there, the jess extender is a very slow to get result just like any muscle if you like to go to the gym it's a good idea to use regularly all day but don't rest just keep stretching the fuck out of it and you'll get results.

Author: Anonymous from Jes Extender Forum

I'm rather short flaccid, but 7 inches when stretched/erect. This makes it hard for me to strap it into the jes-extender, I have to fully stretch and strap it in first (which is difficult with the tight strap), then adjust the rods. I still struggle to get it set to the first notch, not sure how I'll get to 3rd notch later!

Author: Anonymous from Jes Extender Forum

If it's not tight enough, it slips out when you adjust the length. Do you use the silicone strap or the tube? Any other item included that you use to hold the penis head in place?

Author: Anonymous from Jes Extender Forum

Yes, that's due to the strap too tight around the head, and yet you need it that tight to hold it. In my opinion it could be better designed. Maybe you can try the foam ring under the silicone strap, but it can make it harder to grip the penis.

Author: Anonymous from Jes Extender Forum

I was expecting much better design for a device that's been around 20 yrs, it's very difficult to put on and adjust, and the penis head loses circulation because of the silicone tube and design. The silicone strap is too thick, hard to thread and tuck in behind. I struggle to get it set to the first notch. Overall I wished it was better designed, easier to put on, and more comfortable.

Jes Extender forum

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