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Male Edge Review

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Male Edge Review

With the Male Edge penis enlarger, penis growth is guaranteed. On average, men using the Male Edge increase their penis size by 28% in length and 19% in girth. If you're currently 6 inches, you can expect to grow to 7.7 inches.

Comfortable, affordable and recommended by doctors, the Male Edge penis enlarger is the product for men looking to add inches to their penis.

With the traction-based Male Edge penis enlarger, you decide how much traction you apply to your penis. You also decide how long you wear the penis enlarger for. The more you wear your penis enlarger, the bigger you'll grow. And as soon as you're happy with your new length/girth, you can simply stop using it.

To qualify for their double money back guarantee, you will be required to log your progress online once a week. You'll also need to take before and after photos of your penis.

Male Edge Forum

In addition to this Male Edge review, we invite you to read and discuss everything about Male Edge in our forum. Although there is a complete Penis Extender Forum, you can take advantage of real Male Edge reviews and unconstrained discussion right in the Male Edge forum! Find out what real people think about Male Edge and share your own experience with this penis extender.

Latest messages from the Male Edge Forum:

Author: Anonymous from Italy

How many hours a day have you been wearing it?

Author: Dave from Uk

I'm sure I've experienced some gains. Haven't measured but sure it's slightly bigger after a approximately 7 months. Even my gf commented. Any one else have any results?

Author: Anonymous from moon moon

What do you guys do about the glands slipping out on the top? The strap I need to tighten all the way for my tip to stay in and not slip out.. But at that tightness I worry about blood circulation being cut off. I may wrap heavily with gauze but just seeing what you all do for that.. Also: I started out with decent amount of stretch (tension) already in first week.. and I use it 8 hours at work

Author: KJ from Ca

Do not get basic because it comes with no comfort pad which is very much needed. Pick from either extra or pro. I would pick extra

Author: Anonymous from ca

Then you dont need this device. Simple

Male Edge forum

Male Edge Rating

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