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X4 Extender Review

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X4 Extender Review

X4 Labs, a Canadian medical research and development company, has worked closely with leading male-health specialists and urologists to develop the world's first Hybrid Support System - based penis extender.

In order to provide increased comfort and improved efficiency, the X4 Extender incorporates the science of medical traction, employing gentle stretching in order to lengthen, widen, and straighten the penis.

The quantum leap taken by the Hybrid Support System allows all patients to choose themselves between traditional silicone tubing “nooses” and renowned X4 Comfort Strap technology.

Clinically tested and doctor recommended, the X4 Extender is comprises the highest quality materials and is clinically certified for use without the need for medical supervision. The extender's unique features are a result of years of engineering and testing.

X4 Extender Forum

In addition to this X4 Extender review, we invite you to read and discuss everything about X4 Extender in our forum. Although there is a complete Penis Extender Forum, you can take advantage of real X4 Extender reviews and unconstrained discussion right in the X4 Extender forum! Find out what real people think about X4 Extender and share your own experience with this penis extender.

Latest messages from the X4 Extender Forum:

Author: Anonymous from X4 Extender Forum

started using x4 extender 1 week ago, no changes in size yet but I already feel better erection!!!

Author: Anonymous from X4 Extender Forum

you can order x4 extender online, they ship products worldwide including South Africa!

Author: Anonymous from South Africa

Do you ship to South Africa or have distributors here in SA?

Author: Bobtallman from Arkansas

I have only been using my x4 for 2 weeks hoping to gain length and girth. Thanks for all the positive reviews hope to learn more from you guys.

Author: Paraplegic from Tennessee

I was injured 5 years ago and paralyzed. Lack of daily erections resulted in loss of 2 inches. Been using the X4 for a month now and gained back 1 inch. Now at 6 inches

X4 Extender forum

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