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Phallosan Review

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Phallosan Review

Phallosan is worldwide the only patented orthopedic belt system with a new, revolutionary vacuum protector technology - the even faster way to penis enlargement or straightening, helping you to achieve new confidence and an enhanced quality of life.

Phallosan has been categorized as a Class I medical product by the European health authorities. It satisfies all medical requirements and carries the CE symbol to prove it.

The penis tissue is stimulated to form new cells by continuous - gentle - stretching. Phallosan creates an almost unnoticeable vacuum that acts on the entire penis, starting with the glans.

The high degree of comfort of Phallosan makes it easy for the user to wear the system for a period of ten hours without any inconvenience at all - the main prerequisite for success!

Phallosan Forum

In addition to this Phallosan review, we invite you to read and discuss everything about Phallosan in our forum. Although there is a complete Penis Extender Forum, you can take advantage of real Phallosan reviews and unconstrained discussion right in the Phallosan forum! Find out what real people think about Phallosan and share your own experience with this penis extender.

Latest messages from the Phallosan Forum:

Author: Anonymous from Uk

No gains after 9 months. Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Great when they are taking your money.... good luck with any issues you have or even getting a reply to your emails. Spare parts are very expensive and delivery is slow. Compounded even more by eventually receiving a defective item. They won’t even reply to your issue. Highly advise avoiding this company.

Author: sidewinder from CT

I had and used the phalosan for about 6-7 months I noticed a small gain of.25 in length not anything to brag about however it broke after 8mo they don't warranty phalosan not email me back the phone number does not work I think this company is a scam their product is OK but not worth over $300 and its quality is only passable not very good mostly made of cheap plastic I do not reccomend it at all

Author: Anonymous from IN

18 days, 6-8 hrs/day, my wife said she needed to adjust her gag reflex. Im def bigger according to her but i havent measured. Ive used all the stuff out there, Phallosan is the most effective, easiest, most comfortable and easiest to hide of all of them! U cannot expect to gain 3”, but if u can add even 1” to a 4.5” penis in 6 mos, this is a hugely significant gain!!

Author: Mike from Los Angeles

Some of these reviews like "I tried it twice and no change" or "I gained 3 inches" are hard to take seriously. I have clocked in a little over 200 hours in 3 weeks at an average of 8 hours a day. Waiting to measure at 500 hours but I did just today try a dead stretch (ruler into pubic bone and stretching flaccid penis)and almost touched 8 inches which is about .25 inches better than before

Author: Anonymous from Phallosan Forum

Anyone want to sell me their Phallosan complete system?

Phallosan forum

Phallosan Rating

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